Performance in AutoCAD navigation can be sped up by a simple combination of Zoom Extents and Zoom Window commands.

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- Download and unzip file ZoomExtents_Window.zip

- Load (command appload) two files: ZoomExtents_Window.dvb and ZoomExtents_Window.lsp in AutoCAD Startup Suite.


Using of the program:

Enter Q at the command prompt and press Enter. Select window corners. If you need to continue zooming, just hit Enter again to invoke zoom command.

Advantages of the program: less typing at the command prompt and also fewer invoking of Zoom Previous command.

Certainly depending on the situation you would still use regular zoom Window or zoom Extents (All) command.


Zoom-Extents-Window command has its own history...


I started my first experiments with AutoLISP in 1994. Sure my first routines were primitive. I was very proud to use for zoom window the AutoLISP command:

(defun C:2()(command "_zoom" "w"))


Pretty soon, in 2000 (just in about 6 years) I realized, that command 2 is nothing but regular AutoCAD zoom command, which has Window option as default. So in 2000 I discontinued to use this AutoLISP command and switched to simple AutoCAD zoom.


...Six years went by and a couple of months ago I came up to an idea of using Zoom Extents and Zoom Window in one command.


...I would suggest you to check out my web site in 2012. There is a chance I'll figure out something new in implementing of Zoom command by that time.



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Alex Borodulin

NYacad, Inc.