SolidStructural Video Tutorials

1. Lesson 1. Setup AutoCAD.exe Setup AutoCAD
2. Lesson 2. Setup MS Access.exe Setup MS Access
3. Lesson 3. 3DModel.exe Output. Create 3D Model
4. Lesson 4. Plans.exe Output. Grid. Framing and Anchor bolt setting plan. Using Acad Officer applications
5. Lesson 5. Views.exe Output. Generate Elevations and Plan Views
6. Lesson 6. Detailing.exe Output. Auto Detailing: Beams and Columns
7. Lesson 7. Add Beams Input. Add Beams in Database
8. Lesson 8. Add Columns Input. Add Columns in Database
9. Lesson 9. Add New Grid lines Input. Add New Grid Lines
10. Lesson 10. Gather Sheets Output. Extract data and generate gather sheets
11. Lesson 11. Customized BOM Output. Customized BOM. Export to MS Excel
12. Lesson12. EditColumns-1 Input. Edit Columns: Add Beam Stiffeners
13. Lesson13. Edit beam end Input. Edit beam (stringer extension) end