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1. Overview

2. Installation and Setup

3. Start Application

4. Using Application

5. Registering

1. Overview

QuickViewPort is a VBA application for creating ViewPorts in PaperSpace. The program is really fast and effective (average time while testing: 2-10 sec to add new PaperSpace ViewPort). The program is designed to work with any type of units: Architectural, Engineering and Decimal. If you have never used to work with ViewPorts in PaperSpace, with this program you’ll become a professional shortly. If you are already familiar with ViewPorts, you will appreciate the ease and quickness of the task with QuickViewPort.

New features:

1. Catch ViewPort. Now it is easy to switch from PaperSpace ViewPort to the corresponding area of ModelSpace (great help, if you have several ViewPorts in the   PaperSpace and you need to work with other objects not included in the ViewPort).

2. PaperSpace ViewPort layer assignment changed from Defpoints to QViewPort. The latter has NOT PLOT property.


2. Installation and Setup


After auto installation procedure you’ll find the new folder on your workstation:


Start AutoCAD and configure your support path information to include the directory C:\QuickViewPort.

To do this type at the command prompt: preferences. Then in “Options” dialog window press tab “Files”,

select “Support File Search Path”, press button “Add…”, then “Browse…” and select folder C:\QuickViewPort

Next include files QuickViewPort.lsp and QuickViewPort.dvb (found under C:\QuickViewPort directory) in ACAD Startup Suite. To do it:

·         Type "appload" at the command prompt

·         Press button “Contents…”

·         Click on “Add…” button and browse to find files.


3. Start application

To start application type QV at the command prompt. The form pops up.

4. Using application

You can start to create new ViewPort either from ModelSpace or PaperSpace. Choose appropriate Units (Architectural, Engineering or Decimal), select scale from list and click on the button ‘Add VPort’. Next select on the screen two corners of rectangle area you are suppose to show in ViewPort. The program automatically switches to PaperSpace, adds new ViewPort with the scale you have selected, the layer QViewPort. (NOT PLOT property) for new ViewPort will be assigned, ViewPort will be locked (if you have chosen this option). Next you will be prompted to select the final location of new ViewPort.

If you don’t have layer QViewPort in current drawing, the program will add that layer automatically (color of the layer: white). The value of each option is stored and next time you start QuickViewPort the old values will be used.

Check box Multiple in case you need to add several ViewPorts quickly (e.g. while composing sheets containing drawings of structural members, when sometimes 3 or 4 ViewPorts needed for one long beam). In this case after adding new ViewPort the form pops up with all settings made for previous ViewPort. You just press button “Add VPort” and so on.

Valuable information can be received by pressing the button Query VPort (shortcut QQ). Select ViewPort and get the message box as shown below (compare with plain AutoCAD information for the same ViewPort: Scale relative to Paper space: 0.0156xp).

 Another advantage of QuickViewPort (new for 3rd release): you can instantly switch from PaperSpace ViewPort to the corresponding area of ModelSpace. Just click on the button Catch VP (shortcut QC) and select desirable PaperSpace ViewPort. Try to do the same procedure in plain AutoCAD, when you have several ViewPorts in PaperSpace. It takes time, isn’t it?

5. Registering

If you decide to buy, you need to register your license. In main form press button: “Register”. Follow instructions in opened form. Payment can be made on-line. Checks or money orders acceptable as well. For current price and conditions of payment follow the link: