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NYacadText is a set of AutoCAD Text, Mtext and Dimension utilities:


Besides these commands, you have at your disposal the tools for setting scale, text style, and height of text as well as stack style. System requirements: AutoCAD 2000 or higher.


Installation and Setup

After auto installation is complete you will find the new folder on your workstation:


Start AutoCAD and configure your support path information to include the directory C:\NYacadText.

To do this type at the command prompt: preferences. Then in “Options” dialog window press tab “Files”,

select “Support File Search Path”, press button “Add…”, then “Browse…” and select folder C:\NYacadText

Next include files NYacadText.lsp and NYacadText.dvb (found under C:\NYacadText directory) in ACAD Startup Suite. To do it:

·         Type "appload" at the command prompt

·         Press button “Contents…”

·         Click on “Add…” button and browse to find files.


Using application


Main Form

All commands and setting tools can be accessed from main form (shortcut NT or NM).



Align text

Select option: standard line space factor (from 1 to 4) or specified distance. Press the button ‘Align Text’ to align several text objects. The result of the command illustrated below: You can select text objects by clicking on them or using Fence select option.






Remove Inch. & Convert  to Stacked Format

The normal for structural drafting or steel detailing is stacked representation of fractions. This routine will convert selected text and Mtext objects as well as dimensions into stacked format. You can use this command for instance for final editing of DXF-DWG converted drawings generated by steel detailing program Designdata SDS/2 or other non-AutoCAD-based programs. Press the button ‘Remove Inch. & Convert to stacked’ and select objects on the screen (before check appropriate types of objects). Two styles of stacked text and stack text height options are available.

Text fonts: Drawing C:\NYacadText\StackedText.dwg is used as a template for the conversion. In this drawing text style “StackDiag” has big font addbom.shx (diagonal slash in fraction). The other style “StackHoriz” is based on big font: pdfrac.shx and has no slash in fraction. See codes for both fonts below




~1 = 1/16

[1 = 1/16

~2 = 1/8

[2 = 1/8

~3 = 3/16

[3 = 3/16

~4 =1/4

[4 =1/4

~5 = 5/16

[5 = 5/16

~6 = 3/8

[6 = 3/8

~7 = 7/16

[7 = 7/16

~8 = ½

[8 = ½

~9 = 9/16

[9 = 9/16

~A = 5/8

[0 (zero) = 5/8

~B = 11/16

[Q = 11/16

~C = 3/4

[W = 3/4

~D = 13/16

[E = 13/16

~E = 7/8

[R = 7/8

~F = 15/16

[T = 15/16

~P = plate symbol

[Y = 3/32

~L= centerline symbol

[U= 7/64

~s = shift text up

[P = plate symbol


[C = centerline symbol


[A = angle symbol


[G = gage symbol


[V = +/- symbol


[< = less than or equal to


[> = greater than or equal to


The button ‘Convert to stacked’ will convert only selected objects into stacked format and ‘Remove Inch.’ will remove Inch. Symbols only. 

Dim. Arch. – Frac.

Another way to get rid from Inch symbol (you keep associativity of dimension!) Press this button or use Shortcut AF = add dimension. If the distance less than 12” - no Inch symbol in Dim. Text (format of text: Fractional). Otherwise Inch symbol will be added (format of Dim. text - Architectural).

Rotate Text

Common task while you are working on the development of erection plan: align text (beam mark or shape) with the line of beam. Shortcut T3.

Match Text

Pick Text (MText) and then select Text (MText) objects to match Text string. Shortcut MX.

Restore Associativity

If dimension text is overridden (e.g. by removing inches), you can restore the associativity of dimension. Click on this button and select objects on the screen.

Override Dims

Instead of <> in dimension MText editor you will get text representing dimension’s measurement (at the same time you will loose the associativity of dimension). Click on this button or enter OD and select objects on the screen.

SteelWare Horiz. Stack

If you prefer to use Horizontal stack without slash in text, you can use this routine for SteelWare produced drawings. See codes for text style StackHoriz (font pdfrac.shx).

Add MText

Select Text style, accept or change text height and press the button ‘Add Mtext’. In AutoCAD 2004 or 2005 pressing Enter will start new paragraph. In AutoCAD 2000-2002 you have to indicate the end of paragraph by adding back slash symbol at the end of line of paragraph. Advantages of adding Mtext with this program: auto Text Height assignment with regard to Dimscale and Active Space; set justification of the text; option for zero width text; more convenient navigation (actual for long texts). 



Change the Scale. Example: you developed Steel framing plan in scale 1/4". You need to change it to 3/8. Select in form scale 3/8. If necessary, include the blocks in selection (option buttons) and press this button. Select objects on the screen. The program will change selected text and Mtext objects as well as dimensions and blocks Scale respectively.