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 LayIso Like

Author: Alex Borodulin



LayIso Like -  AutoCAD layers tools.


System requirements: AutoCAD 2000 or higher

Download application at: http://www.nyacad.com/Download.htm

 Installation and Setup

 Include two files in ACAD Startup Suite: HA8-LayIso-Like.lsp and HA8-LayIso-Like.dvb:

o        Type appload at the command prompt

o        Press button Contents…

o        Click on Add… button and browse to find files: HA8-LayIso-Like.lsp and HA8-LayIso-Like.dvb. Select both files and press Add.

o        Close dialog windows

Start Application

Enter shortcut Q8 at the AutoCAD command prompt. The Main form pops up:

Click on any button in this form to launch the corresponding command.

To close the form press button EXIT or press Cancel on keyboard.

 Description of commands

EF change selected objects' layers to Defpoints

XX command - get layer’s name of entity  as a text.


Popular LayIso (Express Tools) command allows you to select objects on the layer(s) to be isolated. Isolate SEVERAL LAYERS option is not well known. With this application you have at your disposal  the new option – specify the group of layers to be isolated. Enter part of layer name (use wildcards, if required) and press the button LayIso Like to isolate this group.

 3D model. All layers on


 3D model. Isolated Layers group (level 14)

Wildcards Table


Matches any number of characters. It can be used as the first or last character in the character string.

wh* finds what, white, and why


Matches any single alphabetic character.

B?ll finds ball, bell, and bill


Matches any single numeric character.

1#3 finds 103, 113, 123


Example of using LayIso Like command: In structural drawing with layers 6 FL-BEAMS, 6 FL-DECK, 7 FL-BEAMS, 7 FL-DECK enter 6 FL-* in text box (next to button LayIso Like) to show (isolate) only objects on layers of 6th floor. To restore layers’ state use regular Express Tools Unisolate command.


This application also included in Acad Officer

Alex Borodulin 09/25/08