Handy AutoCAD-12. Hatch Edit


Effective using of Hatch edit command options can save your time and improve representation of drawings.


Convert Hatch to ASsociative (HAS)

When you accidentally moved hatch or modified boundary, the hatch becomes non-associative. You also can simply forget to check Associative option in Hatch dialog window. In Properties dialog you can change Associative pattern to Non-associative (never needed it...). The opposite change is Not applicable:



Hatch Edit command ASsociate option offers workaround.

Select hatch, invoke command

-hatchedit (with hyphen in front to use the prompt, not dialog)

enter AS option, then select internal point.

Or use LISP command HAS - watch video below (download LISP link - at the bottom of this page):




Hatch Fix (HF)

Complex hatch patterns (gravel, concrete and others), if they were added in the area located too far from SNAPBASE (the AutoCAD variable - point), can look on the screen wrongly (see samples at: http://www.nyacad.com/HorrorInAutoCAD2.htm)

Existing hatches can be fixed by changing Origin point (Set new origin option of -hatchedit) - LISP command HF:




Add Hatch Boundary (HBO)

Instead of using BHatch command and selecting internal point for hatching entire area, the good results (speed and representation) you can get by partial hatching - multiple copying beforehand created small hatched area without boundary. But if this hatch patch doesn't fit, you have to create the new one: create boundary-polygon, select hatch pattern and appropriate scale etc. - too long. Faster way - add new boundary (it is possible) and edit it with using grips or stretch command. Remarkable thing - the hatch inside of that boundary becomes associative.

The command prompt:


Command: -hatchedit
Select hatch object:
Enter hatch option [DIsassociate/Style/Properties/DRaw order/ADd
boundaries/Remove boundaries/recreate
Hatches/Origin] <Properties>:
Enter type of boundary object [Region/Polyline] <
Polyline>: P
Associate hatch with new boundary? [Yes/No] <


With AutoLISP HBO:




Note: The users of AutoCAD2010 do not need the last tip: they are able to grip edit non-associative hatches.


Download Handy AutoCAD-12 at: http://www.nyacad.com/Download.htm


Handy AutoCAD-12 included in Acad Officer

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Alex Borodulin 06/08/09