Handy AutoCAD-10. Pickstyle-Hatch-Group-Selection


AutoCAD Help gives minimum information about Pickstyle variable.

Pickstyle...controls the use of group selection and associative hatch selection.

0 No group selection or associative hatch selection
1 Group selection
2 Associative hatch selection
3 Group selection and associative hatch selection


This variable is pretty useful, provides more flexibility with selection.

When Pickstyle = 3, that means one pick to select a group and one pick to select Associative Hatch object WITH its boundary (no difference what picked: hatch or boundary).



If you need to modify the group and still being able to quickly select Associative hatch objects with boundaries, set Pickstyle to 2.



In case you need to modify (e.g. change color or linetype) of hatch or boundary and keep easy selection of groups, then change Pickstyle to 1.



And finally when you need groups and hatches with boundaries as the separate objects, set Pickstyle to 0.



Remember: after any modification of the group you can always restore the group as a single object by changing Pickstyle to 1 or 3. You can avoid accidental movement of Associative hatch and make selection of hatched objects faster, when Pickstyle value is 2 or 3.


Download Handy AutoCAD-10 LISP file at: http://www.nyacad.com/Download.htm


This file has the following commands: Y0, Y1,Y2 and Y3 - setting Pickstyle.

Another command GU - faster Group Create command: You need only enter the group name and select objects. There is no prompt for Group description: the routine will set description equal the name of  group. AutoCAD command prompt below shows how the command works (user's input highlighted):


Command: GU
7 found
Enter a group name Framing1
-group Enter a group option
[?/Order/Add/Remove/Explode/REName/Selectable/Create] <Create>: c
Enter a group name or [?]: Framing1 Enter a group description: Framing1
Select objects: 1 found
Select objects:


Handy AutoCAD-10 included in Acad Officer

Alex Borodulin 02/24/09