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It is advisable to check the functionality of each program on your PC using the demo version

BEFORE you buy the product and check system requirements on page: Downloads

All AutoCAD based programs require FULL AutoCAD, not AutoCAD LT.

Select the product and press the corresponding "PayPal" button to make a credit card or PayPal payment

Next step: Registering on the workstation which will be used for running of program:

Fee for new copy of program:

For all products (Except SolidStructural) when reg. information has been changed (new PC, new OS; hard drive replacement/reformatting etc.) the full amount of payment required for new copy of product.


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SolidStructural (Full package; Acad Officer included)

$200 annual fee (OPTIONAL payment for new updates and support after first year of purchasing software)

Software compatible with only FULL AutoCAD 2014 (or higher)+ MS Access required

not supported 

not supported 


AcadCalcStair  (AutoCAD 2014 or higher)



NYacad Symbols v.5  (AutoCAD 2014 or higher)



Visual Weld (AutoCAD 2014 or higher)



Acad Officer (AutoCAD 2014 or higher)