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...Do you have any step by step procedure for paper space.
I always use model space but maybe it is a right time to utilize this



Play video: Add PaperSpace Viewport


This video shows step by step procedures for adding viewports: 1/4" scale framing plan and then 1" scale sections. The drawing used in this video download link: 030209-AddViewPort.dwg

Special fonts used in this drawing download at:

Other drawings samples with PaperSpace: PaperSpaceDrawingsSamples



1. For using PaperSpace you should have title block inserted as a block or attached as XReference in PaperSpace.

2. Check PSltscale and Visretain variables. Both should be 1.

3. For ViewPorts better to have special layer (call it for instance VP or ViewPort) with Not Plot property - see image below.



4. In order to avoid accidental change of the scale of ViewPort it is recommended to lock it (shown in video).


More effectively you can work with PaperSpace using QuickViewPort program.

Play video: QuickViewPort VIDEO

Web page: QuickViewPort


Using PaperSpace in Steel Detailing link: PaperSpace in Steel Detailing