Improving PDF

1. AutoCAD 2010 provides better PDF output and advanced options in using this type of files: better visual quality; smaller size of PDFs, PDF underlay, snap to its geometry etc.

Known issue with PDF print in ACAD2010:
When you attempted to export a drawing to a PDF file, no PDF file was created and the following error message was displayed in the Plot and Publish Details dialog box:
ERROR: Internal Error: Null Pointer
How to resolve it - read in:

But you may not succeed in fixing of this problem without final step, not described in that topic:
- you should replace existing PMP file
DWG To PDF.pmp found in Plotters/PMP files directory with the new one from AutoCAD 2010 DVD (look at corresponding Plotters/PMP files folder)

2. If you are still with
AutoCAD2009 and wish to use advanced PDF features of AutoCAD2010 today, you can get AutoCAD2009 Bonus Pack 2 - PDF Enhancements on Autodesk web site. Web link:


Alex Borodulin


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