EATtedit - the command prompting you to select a block with attributes. The Enhanced ATtribute Editor is displayed... This editor is really powerful tool, but not practical and slow.


In the most cases you need to edit the text of attributes, not color or width factor available in enhanced editor. Also it is better to have an ability to edit attributes in multiple mode - repeat the command until you press ESC. Old edit attributes command ATTEDIT (or DDATTE) combined with MULTIPLE command can help you to work faster.


Download file:

unzip it and read HELP file.

After installation and setup procedures enter NN in the command prompt to start multiple edit attributes command. Press Escape to finish the command. Watch video below:


You also can redefine double click action: replace EATTEDIT with ATTEDIT as shown on picture below:



Alex Borodulin


NYacad, Inc.